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Posted by on May 20, 2012 in Hardware News |

AMD thinks his defeat at Ultrabooks Ultrathins

AMD thinks his defeat at Ultrabooks Ultrathins

A few days ago launched their new and Expected Trinity for notebooks and Ultrathins , which came in many products from various manufacturers such as HP Sleekbooks .

According to many industry experts is considered the first serious bid for AMD PC market, along with Ontario and Zacate, which are considered a great choice for low-power x86 devices, because before they simply chose AMD the best specimens (chips with lower power and temperature) produced its line of desktop chips to sell as laptops.

Trinity has been designed to offer very low (TDPs of 35W, and 17W) to promote the of the portable PC, offering a different bet line of Intel chips for notebook Ivy Bridge-MB (with TDPs 55W, 45W and 35W), chips more powerful versions of which offer less range.

As operating frequencies AMD has been very conservative, for example the APU AMD A10-4600m (35W) runs at 2.3GHz (3.2 GHz Turbo mode) while the graphics core runs at 497MHz (686MHz Turbo mode) frequencies that are considerably lower than for example the Intel Core i7-3920XM (55W) which runs 2.9GHz (3.6GHz Turbo Mode) and its graphics core to 650MHz (1300MHz in Turbo mode), obviously the Core i7-3920XM is a high-end chip is in a different league to Trinity (55W vs 35W), and apparently AMD is not intended to compete with, since it plans to launch any APU Trinity with a greater than 35W.

20W TDP difference may not sound much for desktop users, but it is a decisive factor in laptops, and this is where AMD aims to Trinity and low TDP of 35W, 25W and 17W; segment in which AMD feels fully confident of defeating the Ultrabooks notebooks and Intel, and steal a major share in terms of market share. As mentioned himself AMD CEO: Rory Read.

Trinity promises great graphics performance, better overall performance than its predecessor Llano, and enough muscle to move the increasingly numerous GPU-accelerated applications. Only time will tell if Trinity actually becomes the trump card of AMD in the segment, and how successful is your future desktop version due out in August this year.

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