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Posted by on Jun 13, 2012 in Hardware News |

AMD: Today is born Hetereogeneous System Architecture (HSA) Foundation

AMD: Today is born Hetereogeneous System Architecture (HSA) Foundation

Since the event Fusion Developer Summit (AFDS) 2012, AMD announced the birth of Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA) Foundation, a foundation aimed at promoting the GPU accelerated computing through the use of standard Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA) based AMD a whole new ecosystem of software.

Last month, AMD claimed that Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA) domain is your answer to Intel and its x86 architecture closed (goodbye compiler traps and other monopolistic maneuvers ), allowing you to create a large ecosystem formed by the developers of hardware and applications, using the great power of calculation of the GPUs to increase performance of common applications and professional by using a standard API, multi-platform and easy to use that overcomes the limitations of current programming CPUs and GPUs, which GPU will make scheduling as simple as programming for the CPU.

Many know that is not the first time a GPU manufacturer fails try something similar, an example is Nvidia with CUDA API almost forgotten, which was not supported in the industry by its nature exclusive and exclusive to themselves Nvidia GPUs, which has reconsidered and now promotes his new standard API OpenACC , which even recently has received support from AMD itself .

Returning to HSA, AMD is launching this initiative with the support of many leading companies such as ARM, Imagination Technologies, Mediatek, and Texas Instruments, which ensures that HSA is not limited to GPUs AMD or the x86 platform, but also the huge ecosystem and many of its most important stakeholders, which ensures the portability of GPU accelerated applications to multiple platforms and various manufacturers of GPUs, which will use the same standard of programming.

AMD and its partners plan to carry HSA not only to the segments of high-performance computing and supercomputers, but also to home computers, smartphones, cameras, and systems for the industrial segment (embedded).

With this initiative, AMD’s Fusion concept becomes much larger than the union of x86 cores and a GPU, becoming multi-platform ecosystem with which AMD has long dreamed of , and bearing visual computing (the new fashionable term to refer to GPU-accelerated computation) to all segments of the software to a new level: data analysis => visual analysis, data mining => visual search, data visualization => 3D visualization, and an infinite number possibilities.

AMD invited to learn about HSA Foundation on its website .

Link: Welcome to the HSA Foundation: Bringing together the industry’s best software for next-generation innovation (AMD)

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