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Posted by on May 15, 2012 in Featured, Reviews |

AMD Trinity, the second generation of APUs

Author: Luis Felipe Castillo Photos: Mariano Mancilla

Since time has passed since we saw the first APU from AMD and the time of the second generation of APUs has arrived

We had to participate in the AMD Reviewer’s Day, where the very Rory Read made known to us which is the second generation of APUs, along with a large group of exhibitors, which in long exposures showed us what they did in order to improve a product without growing the cost and maintaining high performance.

Today, AMD is launching the road with his concept of ultrathins, laptops waiting to be competition from ultrabooks known, but the AMD seal fire.

According to the first impression before the Reviewer’s Day, there were important expectations in the core performance of CPU, integrated graphics, the battery life and of course the flexibility that is being delivered to all manufacturers to do the best they please, but do it well.

So begins this analysis, which is our first of many that will look to these platforms.

Find out about Trinity as pays now!

First Look

Generally and for these occasions, the teams who have the opportunity to put their hands on are white, made specifically for the manufacturer’s request, although this time, we noticed a resemblance to some Dell computers, but to come a time not knew that if this was true or not. As you can see, this laptop based on Trinity is 14 “with a rather pale color screen, but normal if we consider that this team is to present the product to verify its performance and see how nice it can be.

The keyboard is comfortable, like the touchpad, both allowed us to work as if we had always used. By far, this is the best white team building we have taken, since other non-branded sometimes save a lot on quality.

In one approach we see that the touchpad has two completely separate buttons together and also the touch pad also have marked area that allows us to slip up and down (and vice versa) in the operating system. The sensitivity of the touchpad was correct, we need not make a lot of pressure for action to be executed.

The webcam, located at the top of the screen, with built-in microphone allows us to use all the features to make web video conferencing with its 1.3 MP.

In front of the laptop have the headphone jack, an external microphone, a switch to turn on or turn off the WiFi and two status lights that indicate when the laptop is on and when charging.

On the right side we have the optical media reader, USB 2.0 ports, one Gigabit Ethernet, a card reader SD-MMC-PS and also an ExpressCard slot.

Meanwhile, on the left side we have the Kensington lock connector for charging, the output of hot air from the cooling system, the VGA port, an eSATA + USB 2.0 ports, one HDMI and two USB 3.0 SS.

The battery out of the team, which in this case expected deliver a range of 7 hours with normal use (web, music, videos online and brightness at 50%) and 3 hours during a gaming session. Any intermediate load and the extreme low we should deliver about 5 to 6 hours of battery life.

All I fail to see by removing the top is the wireless adapter, both RAM, SSD and part of the heat sink, nothing more.

To be clear it is a prototype and owned by AMD.

And our curiosity got the better of all, convinced that it was a team of some mark by signs that we saw in programs like AIDA64, we decided to see someone put a name to this laptop and to our surprise, at least the outer shell is identified as Vostro is Dell battery and Bluetooth adapter as well.

Technical Specifications

We perform a detailed inspection of the white team made getting AMD, with which we perform the following list of hardware:

Notebook AMD Trinity
CPU A10 AMD-based 4600m @ 2.30 GHz (23x100MHz) max 3.20 GHz
Memory Micron DDR3-1600 2x2GB
Motherboard AMD
Video AMD Radeon 512MB HD7660G
Audio RTD 92HD81B1X
Storage Samsung SSD 830 (128GB, 2.5 “, SATA III)
Sandisk 8GB iSSD mSATA
Screen LCD 14 “1366 x 768
Red Card Realtek RTL8111 Gigabit Ethernet
Wireless Network Card Broadcom 802.11 b / g / n
Optic reader DVDRWBD PLDS DS-6E2SH
Bluetooth Dell Wireless 1701 Bluetooth 3.0 + HS
Battery Li-ion 6-cell
Charger Hi-Capacity 15-20V/5A/90W
Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Size 340 (L) x 239 (H) x 32 (H) mm
Weight without magazine 2.3 kg

The available ports on this laptop are the ones you see below, along with some built-in peripherals are very useful.

Video output HDMI
Input / output audio 1 headphone
1 microphone
Stereo speakers
Webcam 1.3 MP HD
Kensington Lock Yes
Data 1 USB 2.0 + eSATA
1 USB 2.0
2 USB 3.0 SS
Reader SD, MMC and MS


As is usual, we have a defined methodology for laptops, so comparable to the incomparable, to give them a light of information in the dark. The tests were run at least 3 times and than who writes it deems appropriate. These tests are only a reference point so that they / we, you and us, see how the team is being reviewed today with respect to what we already have on file in our library of benchmarks.

Benchmarks Adobe Photoshop CS4 v11
Cinebench R10
Far Cry 2
Futuremark 3DMark 2006 Professional 1.2.0
HD Tach
Resident Evil 5
STALKER: Call of Pripyat
WinRAR 4.00
Utilities CPU-Z


Comparing processors have the A10-4600m is between a Core i5-2410M and Core i5-2467M, while the GPU is superior to all previously processed images we tested in OpenGL.

Cinebench R10 Single CPU Multi CPU OpenGL
HP Pavilion dv2-1010LA 1339 2613 1515
LG X140 569 874 269
LG X300 613 1019 33
Samsung R480 2362 5494 924
Alienware M11x 1643 2979 2886
HP Pavilion dm1-2000 1228 2562 1765
ASUS G51J 2937 8430 5794
Samsung R580 2795 6268 3350
A8-6690G2 Radeon HD 3500M & 1572 5163 3487
Sony VAIO Z 4573 9819 2058
HP Pavilion dm4 3081 6852 2036
Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra M3-581TG 3352 7000 4449
Samsung Series 7 Chronos 4866 15359 5237
A10-4600m AMD Radeon Trinity & HD7660G 2811 8171 5637

As we have graphics performance despite being an integrated Radeon, not far behind and is more potent than shown in the HD 6990G2 Llano, although lower than Kepler and discrete Radeon own. Now, we must be cautious and keep the proportions, it is incorrect to directly compare an IGP with a discrete GPU, although the first render very well.

Futuremark 3DMark 2006 SM 2.0 SM 3.0 CPU TOTAL
HP Pavilion dv2-1010LA 173 - 599 367
LG X140 71 - 486 153
LG X300 32 17 284 71
Samsung R480 3183 3167 2216 7547
Alienware M11x 3016 3160 1400 6539
HP Pavilion dm1-2000 444 541 1195 1350
ASUS G51J 4877 5021 3184 11423
Samsung R580 3178 3273 2498 7726
A8-6620G Radeon HD 3500M & 2113 2761 2277 6029
A8-3500M & 6630M Radeon HD 2704 3547 2312 7422
A8-6690G2 Radeon HD 3500M & 2526 3077 2326 6795
Sony VAIO Z 1598 1975 3199 4761
HP Pavilion dm4 655 856 2763 2120
Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra M3-581TG 4800 5267 2440 10854
Samsung Series 7 Chronos 3668 4946 4252 10748
A10-4600m AMD Radeon Trinity & HD7660G 2974 3787 2802 8179

With respect to storage devices, we have the Samsung SSD is a principal who can read quietly to 130.9 MB / s, while USB 2.0 is up 27.6 MB / s and USB 3.0 32.4 MB / s.

HD Tach @ Reading HDD or SSD main | MB / s USB 2.0 | MB / s
HP Pavilion dv2-1010LA 57.0 27.6
LG X140 52.6 29.1
LG X300 27.1 16.8
Samsung R480 65.4 30.8
Alienware M11x 84.2 30.1
HP Pavilion dm1-2000 78.5 29.3
ASUS G51J HDD1 76.2 30.7
ASUS G51J HDD2 77.4 -
Samsung R580 70.5 30.7
A8-6690G2 Radeon HD 3500M & 89.3 30.4
Sony VAIO Z 508.1 30.8
HP Pavilion dm4 75.0 28.3
Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra M3-581TG 82.1 25.1
Samsung Series 7 Chronos 89.6 30.2
A10-4600m AMD Radeon Trinity & HD7660G 130.9 27.6

As data compression is not severely benefit, although we can tell you first hand that WinZip now supports OpenCL, so that operations can be performed directly on the GPU, with immediate improvement.

WinRAR 4.00 @ Data Compression KB / s
HP Pavilion dv2-1010LA 357
LG X140 378
LG X300 346
Samsung R480 1430
Alienware M11x 907
HP Pavilion dm1-2000 704
ASUS G51J 2146
Samsung R580 1518
A8-6690G2 Radeon HD 3500M & 1275
Sony VAIO Z 2414
HP Pavilion dm4 1571
Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra M3-581TG 1986
Samsung Series 7 Chronos 4027
A10-4600m AMD Radeon Trinity & HD7660G

Finally, in Photoshop, the A10-4600m performs well, without having to enable support for GPU so you can imagine what it does with the new Photoshop CS6, which includes support for all these new technologies.

Photoshop CS4 v11 @ Radial Blur – 100% zoom Seconds
HP Pavilion dv2-1010LA 363.1
LG X140 518.6
LG X300 396.8
Samsung R480 91.5
Alienware M11x 180.3
HP Pavilion dm1-2000 192.8
ASUS G51J 61.5
Samsung R580 78.2
A8-6690G2 Radeon HD 3500M & 69.2
Sony VAIO Z 66.8
HP Pavilion dm4 122.0
Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra M3-581TG 109.8
Samsung Series 7 Chronos 60.5
A10-4600m AMD Radeon Trinity & HD7660G

Testing Games

As you can see, it is possible to play high quality HD graphics processor thanks to the Radeon HD 7660G incorporates the APU A10-4600m and our tests allowed us to play quietly in the energy consumption test in a situation of high load, playing of course.

Far Cry 2 DX10 high quality, 1366×768, without filters.

Resident Evil 5, high quality DX10, 1366×768, without filters.

STALKER: Call of Pripyat, high quality DX11, 1366×768, unfiltered


Despite not being 100% sure that this computer is actually a product that is offered as such in the market, that is, under the Dell brand, with the Vostro model and all the specifications that we saw earlier, we say with conviction that is an effective improvement of what AMD did with Llano. Without going any further, the performance of the IGP integrated into the APU A10-4600m is higher than the Radeon HD 6690G2-that comes from combining the 6620G HD + HD 6630M – so if you think about the future Ultrathin with a discrete GPU, we would a combination that will talk.

With respect to the graphical results, we have to keep the proportions, although the results are very good, this is an IGP, so expect this yield as much as a HD 6750M (equipped in 7Chronos Series) or a GeForce GT640M ( Kepler) is preposterous. Still a long way to go with the combination of discrete GPUs with the new Trinity APUs.

On this occasion, speaking in particular of the results of storage, battery, screen and all that you tend to read, not something to decide whether the idea of AMD is good or not, because as you know, this team is a prototype and not a final product that can be bought on the market, so that the board.

Out of the numerical results, in conversations with senior executives from AMD, during our visit to Austin as part of Trinity Reviewer’s Day, we learned that AMD’s strategy, unlike the Intel applies to its products, gives them the freedom manufacturers to build what we imagine about the Trinity and not just limited to laptops ultra light and thin as allusive name comes to mind. It’s a simple strategy, do what they please, but do it well.

In addition, the developer environment that is surrounding AMD allowed to go exploring new ways to capitalize on its APUs and also allows us to make better use of hardware we have.

Finally, leaving aside that it is a prototype, the main hardware feels good in performance and autonomy erogada is the best we have seen, without neglecting the power of course and with a price of $ 699, enter to compete very hard with the ultrabooks promoted by Intel.

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