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Posted by on May 15, 2012 in Featured, Science |

An engineer proposes to make the USS Enterprise to save the international space program

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There is no doubt that, even though we are living very fruitful years as a visual exploration of the universe and the discovery of thousands of unknown phenomena, planets and distant solar systems, space travel are completely stuck and limited to a corridor secure supplies from the International Space Station and Earth and the imminent debut of the first private travel to near space .

Beyond this border, all travel is unmanned or very long term projects.

But as seems scarce budget of NASA and other space agencies to undertake big challenges, the only novel we met in recent years about outer space is the mining project to be undertaken by the creators of Google along with filmmaker James Cameron.

We’re not saying that the discovery of new celestial and minerals are not great strides in the knowledge and the space race, but seems to be very limited knowledge and the expansion due to not having at the moment, a vehicle capable of taking us beyond from the known to date.

That is why an electrical engineer with a pseudonym BTE-Dan has released a proposal , trying to argue it from the scientific level, which suggests the construction of the first generation of intergalactic spaceship USS Enterprise to achieve the conquest of space from the year 2032 . We do not know is if your project is based on the construction of the first generation of NX class ships or class heavy cruisers USS Constitution or later.

Of course, and as happened with the project cost estimate of the Death Star , any realization of scientific advances in science fiction created would have a value so high that it would block all hope for a similar project, and this future Enterprise seems to go the same way.

Despite this, BTE-Dan does not resign, says that with effort and collaboration (plus a mountain of money) was his project to fruition. His proposal includes a spacecraft with artificial gravity wheel, three ion propulsion engines and nuclear reactors, which would have the ability to reach Mars in just 90 days.

“We need a much larger current to what we should be doing to get humans conquer space,” says the enthusiastic author of this project. It will be a matter of seeing how many fans as he can convince a major space programs to make it happen.  What Captain Picard opine on this idea?

Link: How to save the space program? Build the starship Enterprise (theverge)

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