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Posted by on May 18, 2012 in Science |

An incubator allows potential parents to observe their embryos for Internet

cc @ Institut Marques

Embryoscope is an incubator of the Marquis of Barcelona Institut incorporating the latest technologies and a video camera with which you can see how they evolve the embryos created from in vitro fertilization.

The novelty: Customers of this fertilization clinics can continue over the Internet and from a sort of home movie of how you live your embryo is developing from start to divide.

Say the clinic, is a system developed exclusively in the center and is the first time ever that prospective parents can go through the process of transformation of the embryo 24 hours a day, until that is implanted in the mother.

What advantages does well this incubator? The main one is that looking better embryos, it is now possible to know which are more likely to develop successfully in the uterus of the patient.

And it is no longer needed them out of the incubator to see how they evolve and that also helps keep them stable, as they should remain inside a womb. Thanks to these advantages, increase pregnancy rates.

On the other hand are learning more about the embryos, sometimes an embryo that has characteristics that suggest it will not have a good future, you can change in minutes.

If all goes well, parents are left with a film to the memory of how their children began to form. Since there is no possibility that we filmed for little ones …

Here you have a video of the Institut Marques in case you are curious.

Link: Institut Marques de Barcelona (Press Release)

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