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Posted by on Jun 27, 2012 in Internet |

An online travel agency offers more expensive rates for users of Mac

An online travel agency offers more expensive rates for users of Mac

(C) Orbitz Worldwide

The trend is clear: More and more data become available to users when they surf the Web and business enterprises and apply them to their advantage. That is what has made the U.S.. He has made a study has found that users spend more on vacation than pc users. Consequences: If a Mac user enters your site offers that this travel agency will offer will be more expensive than they would offer if using a PC.

Of course it is not that these offers are the same as more expensive, are others in which eg includes hotels with more stars. And according to the study by this travel company, Mac users spend no less than a 30% increase in holiday travel and the PC. So you have decided to take advantage of this.

What is the origin of this study? In this travel agency and had “intuition.” They thought Mac users were predisposed to spend more, because Macs are more expensive than PCs and the reasons for choosing one or the other by the users often not determined by the difference in software or hardware.

In short: Actually now have adapted their business to Mac users According to their study, these users spend on average 16 and 24 euros (between $ 20 and $ 30) more per night hotel. And this data is important for Orbitz Worldwide because most deals to be found on its website offering hotel bookings per night average price of 80 euros (USD $100).

So the agency is supposed to actually offers what they want according to your preferences. Mac users are up to 40% more likely than PC to make hotel reservations for four and five star and usually choose to stay in more expensive rooms.

For if any be a Mac user but does not identify with the results of this study, you know you have to do if you want to see the cheapest deals in the travel agency: Enter the page with a PC!

Link: The ‘maqueros’ spend more on travel than PC users (Europa Press)

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