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Posted by on Oct 29, 2012 in Hardware News |

Analyst: Windows 8 will not save the DRAM industry

Analyst: Windows 8 will not save the DRAM industry

Prices of modules (or simply RAM) currently in the lowest levels in history, which while it might sound good for consumers, as they can access memory at low prices high end , this low price not the product of a healthy and aggressive competition among memory manufacturers, but the low volume of sales that come to enjoy for several years.

is expected to be El Salvador’s DRAM market, helping to increase sales of the memories, but ihs iSuppli Analysts predict that this will not happen, at least not at the level expected by memory manufacturers, since for This Q4 (October to December this year) is estimated a turnover just 8% higher than Q3 (July to September), a much lower percentage compared to that in time the release of Windows 7.

This unsatisfactory turnover could be due to the overall decline of PC sales, coupled with low hardware requirements of the new Windows 8, which are almost identical to those of Windows 7 (except that Windows 8 does not support Microprocessor technology lacking NX Disable bit).

Link: Windows 8 will not save the DRAM industry (Fudzilla)

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