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Posted by on Oct 4, 2012 in Hardware News |

Analysts downgrade sales forecasts for this year Ultrabooks

Analysts downgrade sales forecasts for this year Ultrabooks

Since its introduction a few years ago, a lot of money invested some companies promoting the Ultrabook. And yet, they have not had the expected impact on the market and now analyst firm iSuppli even cut sales of these models for this year 2012.

It was estimated that the sales figures of the would total 22 million units worldwide, but now iSuppli projections indicate little less than half, 10.3 million. A good percentage of total sales will be made during the latter part of this year, driven by the introduction of the new Microsoft operating system, Windows 8.

The Ultrabooks are still somewhat high price to become a mass product, and that’s why its progression and adoption within the portable equipment market has been less than anticipated. Yes, the format should be more successful in the future, and it is expected that by 2016 have been dealt Ultrabook 95 million worldwide.

The next year, according to iSuppli, the total number and overall Ultrabook is expected to reach 44 million. The number is quite large, and it is still quite less than the 61 million originally estimated.

Link: Ultrabook sales disappointing (Fudzilla)

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