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Posted by on Jul 4, 2012 in Hardware News |

Analysts: In 2017 it sold more tablets than notebooks

Analysts: In 2017 it sold more tablets than notebooks

A few days ago, Microsoft made its own estimate in 2013 which claimed that will sell more desktop PCs. Now, NPD analyst firm DisplaySearch has delivered the results of hours at the crystal ball, concluding that by 2016 it will sell more tablets portable computer (notebook), confirming that the growth trend of these gadgets will undoubtedly up the coming years.

Because for 2012 will provide 121 million tablets sold, a figure which by 2017 will grow to 416 million. In addition, the notebooks, which should show of 208 million this year, will amount to 393 million in 2017, below the 416 million tablets and referred to the same date.

So despite this shift, the notebook will not die and say, have at least five more years of healthy growth. The same situation is read to the notebook PC market in general, ie, tablets, notebooks, hybrids and all that not a whole desktop, with expected sales of 348 million for 2012, rising to 809 million by 2017.

Link: Tablet Shipments to surpass notebooks in 2016 (Fudzilla)

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