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Posted by on Jul 7, 2012 in Hardware News |

And no date for the new AMD APU Richland

And no date for the new AMD APU Richland

Based on a manufacturing process to 28nm, is already preparing the third generation of APUs Richland, of which we have some information leaked previously , however, kept its main characteristics in mystery, although the company already has its specifications completed.

The next step from here is to send sample units to factories, to prepare their manufacture, which will occur later this year 2012. Since moving to 2013, probably the first pieces of hardware resulting from this process will be shown in ces technology fair in January 2013, ending a little before mid-2013 to have chips ready for mass production.

GlobalFoundries, factory commissioned to make designs that sends AMD, will then have the second half of next year offices that may be acquired by computer assemblers who will benefit from the strengths of these APUs AMD-based computers to create the new platform FM2.

Link: AMD 28nm APU Richland eat in Q2 2013 (Fudzilla)

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