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Posted by on Aug 2, 2012 in Hardware News |

And ole! The game Left 4 Dead 2 runs faster in Linux than in Windows

And ole!  The game Left 4 Dead 2 runs faster in Linux than in Windows

Image courtesy of Department of Graphic Design, and Architecture Betazeta IxD.

Everyone knows that the platform videojeugos officially come to sisitemas Linux-based operating as soon as later this year 2012 , a move that has not been free of controversy , but will undoubtedly many happy users free software platform.

In this is that has done enough public development of the title Left 4 Dead 2, which is making strides and in fact, already outperforms its version, however incredible it may seem. To check this, used the same hardware platform to run the game in Windows 7 (Service Pack 1 64-bit) with and then with 32-bit 4.12. The result? Drum roll:

270.6 FPS and 315 FPS in Windows on Linux.

In detail, all started with a port or transfer the game to Linux, which was successfully achieved to run at 6 FPS (frames per second), which for an early stage like this is something very normal and good. After that came the process of optimizing performance. And here is where flashed “the efficiency of the kernel and OpenGL,” according to the same people from Valve, as they carried out three steps that were very successful in achieving this goal.

First, the game changed to better fit the Linux kernel, function properly and make maximum use. Then did the same process but pointing to the opengl API. And finally, they had to optimize the drivers or drivers to work best with the game, work is not up to them but the manufacturers of video cards and GPUs, with whom he worked side by side to assist in the optimization .

According to Valve, AMD, and had the best position possible to achieve this, and NVIDIA drivers improving their owners with the help of Valve, and Intel with its open source offering. With this in mind, the outlook for Valve continue to develop their games on the Linux platform is better than ever, not only with the cooperation of large industries, but with specific objectives have been completed with great success.

Link: Faster Zombies! (Valve Linux Blog)

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