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Posted by on Jun 13, 2012 in Hardware News |

Android VIA mini-PC (APC) sold out within hours of its debut.

Android VIA mini-PC (APC) sold out within hours of its debut.

Motherboards based on SoCs cheap are proving a winning formula and are popular among users, one of them is the popular and economical (U.S. $ 35) Raspberry Pi , which Intel intends to imitate the expensive (U.S. $ 400) NUC . VIA promised to join the party with its Android mini-PC (APC) , an inexpensive (U.S. $ 49) neo-itx motherboard, which has just been released.

today made available its expected users VIA motherboard Neo-ITX format based on ARM soc 800MHz VIA equipped with 512MB of DDR3 memory, 2GB microSD storage and USB connectivity, Gigabit LAN, and D- Sub (VGA) and HDMI, all with a maximum of 13.5W and an attractive price of U.S. $ 49.

Neither the VIA itself in its most optimistic forecasts imagined the great success of APC, which sold out within hours of leaving pre-sale, an event that none of its Mini-ITX motherboards based on their x86 microprocessors (Nano , C3, Eden) could even come close, which is an indication that ARM could no longer be a risky bet on desktop computers, and could encourage many other manufacturers of ARM SoCs to similar proposals.

Link: VIA’s $ 49 APC Listed for Pre-Order, Sells Out (TechPowerUp)

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