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Posted by on Sep 14, 2012 in Internet |

Anonymous activist arrested while chatting on video

Anonymous activist arrested while chatting on video

The self-proclaimed spokesman Barrett Brown, in his home was raided by the FBI, while maintaining a online chat session with several individuals.

The session was recorded, and you can see how loud voices are heard in the house of Brown in Texas, and although the video screen was closed, the captured audio remained, where we listen to the agents and the subject stopped screaming . Brown was arrested and taken to a police station, but what has not been reported.

Brown’s arrest came shortly after he posted a video where he did drugs and commented that it would destroy the life of FBI agent Robert Smith, after he found out that his mother could accuse of obstructing justice by a laptop belonging Brown, and apparently he had hidden.

The video, titled ” Why destroy FBI agent Robert Smith Part Three: Revenge of AGI l “in the description added a message asking to send information to an agent mentioned email address.

Brown also said that they were perseguiendo Zetas, and indicated that he was heavily armed and worried that the cartel could go get dressed federal agents. “Any officer of government, particularly the FBI, will be considered a potential murderer squad of Zetas” he said in the video. “As the FBI knows, I’m armed and I come from a military family and taught me to shoot a Vietnam veteran, and soon shoot them all and if matere come and do something … I have reason to fear for my life,” he told video.

Brown’s lawyer, Jay Leiderman, said his client was a regular to hyperbole and jokes, so the things he says in the video may seem threats when they are not. The defense will try to invoke the First Amendment, which protects freedom of speech in the United States.

As a result, group # AntiSec published the alleged credit card numbers of 13 government officials, as revenge for the arrest of Brown. Besides numbers were revealed names, addresses and several email addresses. It is not clear that the information is real.

Anonymous’ Barrett Brown raided by FBI During online chat (Wired)
AntiSec leaks’ Feds’ credit cards’ after Barrett Brown cuffed (Register)

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