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Posted by on Sep 14, 2012 in Internet |

Anonymous exposes data 2.5GB priest accused of child abuse

Anonymous exposes data 2.5GB priest accused of child abuse

(Cc) jacsonquerubin

Over 2.5 GB of information from the email account of Don Giacomo Ruggeri, an accused of child abuse, circulating on the Internet after made them public.

Action against email Ruggeri, who was removed from office in July this year after police began an investigation for allegedly molesting a teenage girl, is how Anonymous protest against such aberrations, such as argued in Italian blog quoted by The Hacker News:

“The story of Don Ruggeri is a further demonstration of how the institution has undermined the principles that should inspire. Fomented hatred and stigma towards people show a sexual orientation different from what they call “natural”, in line with a model of patriarchal and discriminatory society. The unnaturalness is repugnant in their modus operandi. Their greed and avarice are improper. “.

At the end of the statement, Anonymous guys link to the storage platform “Deposit files”, where files are hosted priest in question, in an obvious form of protest against the deplorable acts committed by some members of the Church.

How effective are these actions? Before we have asked, and there is always divided opinions: In my view serve to secure a position of rejecting specific facts … How about you?

Link: Anonymous dump 2.5 GB of data from email Accused priest for child abuse (The Hacker News)

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