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Anonymous launches against WikiLeaks

Anonymous launches against WikiLeaks

A few days ago established a “pay wall” that blocks access to the leaks of “global information”, unless you donate a sum of to the organization of leaks. does not agree with this measure, which has led to a confrontation between the two sides of proportions.

The site has suffered leaks of economic problems for a long time, after PayPal , Visa and Mastercard suspend donations to the organization. This led in 2010 a part of Anonymous defending WikiLeaks , but those days seem to have been in the past.

The pay wall was implemented on 10 October, under the banner “in this election, vote with your wallet – vote for WikiLeaks.” Interestingly appear as Mastercard and Visa options. The blocked part corresponds to global information, the rest of the site can enter without paying. However, Anonymous expressed displeasure via Twitter , saying he felt “betrayed” by WikiLeaks.

“Anonymous has been an unwavering ally of both WikiLeaks and Assange. We have delivered some of the biggest leak since the publication of the famous cables, including files of Syria and GI ( Stratfor ), for which Jeremy Hammond now rots in prison, accused of providing them, “said the group.

Anonymous claims that many of its members have risked long prison sentences, attacking dozens of sites in the United States and Sweden in defense of Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, in addition to face protests on his behalf.

“To date, not a single member of the staff of WikiLeaks has been charged or imprisoned. However, Anonymous has 14 defendants (facing 15 years in prison) for online protests defending WikiLeaks – and one (Jeremy Hammond) who is facing 20 years prison sentence for allegedly delivering Stratfor files “they say.

Also mention Bradley Manning, detained by the U.S. military.

“Despite these facts, WikiLeaks chose dishonor and insult Anonymous activists and all information to prostitute Stratfor files and other disclosures for which Hammong and Manning are accused,” said, outraged by the payment required to access WikiLeaks this information.

Assange tried to defend the pay wall, saying “these donations will go to fund WikiLeaks publications and infrastructure costs and our legal costs to fight financial blockade.” WikiLeaks also tried to calm the situation by posting information on how to bypass the controversial wall. But that was not enough to calm Anonymous.

“Despite the ways to skip it, the fact remains that a page has been planted prostitute for most visitors, qu ene can be closed. The obvious intent is to force donations in exchange for access. This is dirty and rotten, a totally unethical action, and Anonymous is furious, “they said.

The group said it will not attack the WikiLeaks site, because it is considered a means of communication. However, withdraw their support to the site, and its founder, refugee currently Ecuador’s embassy in London.

“Anonymous and not risk prison for defending WikiLeaks or of his enemies. Anonymous will not risk prison for providing material for the WikiLeaks. Anonymous gives back to WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks has been betrayed by his actions in the past 48 hours to Anonymous, and thereby lost its largest and most powerful support. “

Anonymous Press Release – The Betrayal of Wikileaks
Anonymous declare war on WikiLeaks in retaliation for “paywall” (Ars Technica)

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