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Posted by on Dec 17, 2012 in Internet | 1 comment

Anonymous launches campaign against Church believed that “God sent the shooter” in Connecticut

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The controversial Westboro Baptist Church has returned to cause a stir by launching a campaign in which he insists that “God sent the shooter” to school in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, United States, killing 20 children and 7 adults.

The church, known for being extremely homophobic, plans to organize a protest outside the school as they believe that gay marriage is to blame for the slaughter. This prompted to launch a campaign to save the event and avoid further suffering to the affected families.

In a video, the group claims that “we will not allow corrupt the minds of America with their seeds of hate. Not allow aggression inspire social sectors that you consider inferior. We will be obsolete. We will destroy you “note.

They also published information from several church members, including emails, phone numbers and addresses. It’s not the first time Anonymous faces the Westboro Baptist Church: Formerly the church said that “God hates hackers” and called the group of cowards and whiners.

Anonymous also launched an application on the official website of the White House to the church is described as a group that encourages hatred. The petition already had almost 93,000 signatures – 25,000 needed for the White House review a request.

Link: Anonymous Attacks Westboro Baptist Church plans to picket over Sandy Hook funerals (Betabeat)

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1 Comment

  1. Westboro Baptist Church -what a bunch of haters! You go Anonymous. Shut them down.