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Posted by on Aug 14, 2012 in Entertainment, Internet |

Anti-terrorist police raided Kim Dotcom attacked because ‘barrigazos’

Anti-terrorist police raided Kim Dotcom attacked because 'barrigazos'

(C) Kim Dotcom

police justified the raid on the house of Kim Schmitz, better known as Kim Dotcom – in which they used a helicopter with a team of counterterrorism officers (Special Tactics Group, or STG for its acronym in English) and whose video unveiled last week , partially based on an allegation that Dotcom had attacked a former employee with his stomach.

Two weeks before his arrest in January 2012, the German millionaire of 165 kilos had an altercation at home with Jess Bushyhead , who said he hit him with his stomach on his left shoulder and then are forced out of the mansion by two security guards who took him to his hotel.

When Bushyhead noted that in the altercation lost his notebook, he reported to the police because it contained personal files, and the finding of injury was recorded that he had mild pain in the neck, shoulder and wrist.

The Inspector of Police Grant Wormald New Zealand, responsible for assisting the FBI in catching Dotcom Kim said that based on this altercation considered that the behavior of Dotcom exhibited a level of violence was considered a threat to the police, taking to resort to anti-terrorist unit to raid the mansion.

We already are imagining the level of violence of the altercation:

Link: Dotcom Accused of assault – with historical stomach (New Zealand Herald)

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