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Posted by on Aug 1, 2012 in Internet |

Apologizes and reactive Twitter account by a journalist who claimed coverage of London 2012

Apologizes and reactive Twitter account by a journalist who claimed coverage of London 2012

reactivated the account of journalist Guy Adams, then to generate a stir by canceling the same after he complained about the coverage of the that does the United States. NBC struck a deal with Twitter for special coverage.

Adams’s account was blocked after the journalist published the email address of one of the executives of the channel, so that people will send their complaints about delayed coverage that is being made of the event.

This morning, NBC said it was Twitter that warned of the message , and they only complained after this warning.

Twitter replied with a post on his official blog, saying it is standard practice to suspend accounts that publish private information that can be used to threaten or intimidate another person. As to whether it was valid block Adams post a corporate direction, which was published elsewhere on the Internet, the company noted that “our Trust and Safety team has no understanding of the uses of all the email addresses of the users, and a policy we can implement for all our users in any instance. “

The company, however, admitted he made a mistake. “We apologize for the part of the story ruined. The team works with NBC about our association for the Olympics proactively identified a tweet that she violated the rules Twitter, and prompted NBC to submit a support ticket with our Trust and Safety team to report the rape, as has been said publicly. Our Trust & Safety team did not know that part of the story and acted with the report in the same way as any other report, “the company said.

“We do not report or proactively withdraw content from our users no matter who they are. This behavior is unacceptable and damages the confidence users have in us. We should not and can not be in business to proactively monitor and check contents no matter who the user – whether a business partner, a celebrity or a friend, “the company said.

Link: Our approach to Trust & Safety and private information (Twitter)

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