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Posted by on Jun 20, 2012 in Hardware, Software |

Appears tension between PC makers and Microsoft’s Surface

Appears tension between PC makers and Microsoft's Surface

has maintained a long relationship with many who create computers that run Windows. Although CEO Steve Ballmer said yesterday that the manufacturers had been warned about the release of Surface , the first hardware produced by the company for Windows, a Reuters report said that it was not so .

This is a move that could be tricky for Microsoft. The company will become partner and at the same time, competition from manufacturers, which can cause friction. While most companies would not comment on the issue and said that “we remain committed to Microsoft” following consultations of Reuters, the agency says several companies were not given any information about the plans of the software company.

Regardless of when they heard about the project, what matters is how they will react to the Microsoft Surface. You may begin to see new bets on the part of manufacturers. A theory that appeared in Digitimes from the mouth of the founder of Acer says Microsoft will not actually manufacture the “seriously” but that it is doing to put pressure on others to do with 8 tablets. Once the new operating system is claimed in a good position, Microsoft would withdraw from the business.

Be seen whether or not it will be well in the coming months, when makes its debut and begin to see market teams will go on sale.

Microsoft Kept in Dark About PC Partner Surface (Reuters)
Microsoft own-brand tablet PC is a ploy to drive Windows 8 adoption, says Acer founder (Digitimes)

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