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Posted by on Jul 20, 2012 in Internet |

Appears website that works only with Google Chrome

Appears website that works only with Google Chrome it comes directly from the machine down time. From that time to log into websites in a browser other than Explorer caused headaches because of the incompatibility of some elements with browsers other than Microsoft. At that time, was common to see logos and warnings saying “Best viewed in IE6.”

For this site, whose content is irrelevant, makes news by being restricted for use by the Chrome browser, displaying a warning if you enter by software other than the big G. And it was designed to be so, and indeed, the work was done in conjunction with Google, with some elements that just do not work outside their environment, which unlike the past, now is on purpose.

While this is a single portal, the situation turned some alarm among those who speak of the possibility that in the near future, and to promote the use of certain over other browsers, companies partner with major Web sites to implement this kind of practice and force the user to use products that do not want, because it is easy for a developer to implement restrictions of this kind, and having money involved, they may occur.

Link: Google steals a page from the playbook IE6 (Neowin)

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