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Posted by on Aug 31, 2012 in Companies |

Apple and Google discussed a secret agreement on patent disputes

Apple and Google discussed a secret agreement on patent disputes

(CC) Tsahi Levent-Levi

According to Reuters , the CEO of and Apple, and respectively, are conducting a series of secret talks on matters relating to intellectual property, including the current legal disputes both companies argue among themselves about the device patents mobile.

Sources within the companies assured the agency that managers had a telephone conversation last week, and they will wait to talk within the next few weeks but no date set. One source even said that the meeting was scheduled for this Friday, which had to postpone for reasons unknown.

One possible scenario would make a truce legal disputes regarding the basic features and functions of phones, said one source. However, it is unclear whether Cook and Page are discussing a comprehensive agreement or are focused on a limited number of conflicts.

Google and declined to make statements to the agency on the issue.

Remember that Apple won a legal battle to Samsung for design patents a week ago. A couple of days after Google went to assure that this determination “not related” to the functions of Android , the operating system occupied by the devices from the Korean company.

Link: Apple and Google are in talks to settle patent issues: Reuters (The Verge)

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