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Posted by on Jul 29, 2012 in Software |

Apple and Microsoft are associated and are lining up to top of Kodak patents

Apple and Microsoft are associated and are lining up to top of Kodak patents

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Patents are making news again, but now not demands or anything like that . According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple, Google and are lining up to keep Kodak’s intellectual property, and that includes some partnerships between those who are competing with each other.

First, Apple, Microsoft and Intellectual assembling a group that would compete against Google and his entourage would include Samsung, LG, HTC, and the company RPX, that its business is dedicated to buying and licensing patents.

Not the first time a style is created company to acquire a portfolio. Apple, Sony, RIM, Sony and others and soon to be allied with Nortel patents, for which they paid 4,500 million dollars, leaving the way Intel and Google.

The sale of patents simply held to the highest bidder, and bids received will begin next week. Kodak’s portfolio includes 1,100 technology patents related to digital image capture, surely all companies involved in the purchase would not do anything wrong to have in their properties, if only to keep them out of reach of all.

Link: Apple, Google Line Up to Bid for Kodak’s Patents (Wall Street Journal via Gant Daily )

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