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Posted by on Oct 31, 2012 in Hardware News |

Apple and removing optical drives in the new iMac: “We were delaying”

The new iMac recently filed by Apple comes with the “particularity” (so good in quotes) that do not include an drive. And although it seems almost logical move for the times, in alike prefer to explain the reasons behind this decision.

Phil Schiller, vice president of marketing for the company, delivering his unique insights (and Apple) on the issue. For Schiller, these old technologies that are merely “be the anchors that we delay”, but unlike them, their competitors simply “afraid of them aside”:

“We try to find the best solutions, and our users trust in what we do. Overall it is a good idea to remove these optical computers and other devices, because they carry some inherent problems. They are mechanical, sometimes they break, are very large and consume energy. We always try to make products smaller, lighter, and energy efficient. “

Schiller also said that it is best to buy movies and other media through iTunes, and maybe Apple users got the message and therefore no longer demand more integration of Blu-ray. This format “has some problems that are not related to the quality of the movies”, and ends up being too complex to integrate in an age where the trend-at least for them-is precisely to reduce the optical media.

How about the extent of Apple? Do you do well to take the plunge or not yet time to abandon completely blue discs or color they are?

Link: Apple Says Optical Drives Were Holding It Back (Tom’s Hardware)

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