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Posted by on Aug 20, 2012 in Companies, Economy |

Apple becomes the most valuable company in the stock history

Apple becomes the most valuable company in the stock history

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reached a valuation of more than USD $622,000 million in market capitalization, which measures the share on the stock by the amount of paper issued by the company. With this, it becomes the most valuable company on the stock of U.S. history, surpassing Microsoft, which had reached the previous record. Each share of the signing of the block trades on more than $660 in the bag.

The Redmond company had reached USD $618,900 million at the end of 1999. Today it is around USD $258,200 million.

Apple surpassed the $600,000 million in April. The question asked is how much investors may rise before falling back – with some optimists even betting that could reach $1 trillion.

What $ 622,000 million USD equivalent?

Link: At $ 622b, Apple Becomes Most Valuable all-time company (CNET)

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