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Posted by on May 29, 2012 in Internet |

Apple claims a patent registration for Safari 3D

Apple claims a patent registration for Safari 3D

recently applied for a for an optical stylus making what would be the IPEN and did so again but now seeking a patent for Safari 3D. It does not refer to 3D visual, but an interface with multiple dimensions of performance, or at least so says Apple.

This new interface is intended to improve the interaction between the user and the , trying to renew the look of so crude. It also allows users to group favorites, documents, emails and application in a 3D manner, so that we can move through a series of windows for different purposes as we made our tasks, supposedly increasing the efficiency of our work. The browser will allow us to make all this through multitouch gestures.

Regarding design, we are not using windows are grouped in their own environment one after another. It could be a number of icons for each function in the application that will allow much faster access to the vision of all these windows.

By the time the patent-approval stage, that insurance is a product of the abstract description of the functions that have this 3D browser. So if the patent office of the United States have been slow is because you should be trying to understand the explanation of Apple.

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