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Posted by on Jun 28, 2012 in Internet |

Apple could update iTunes integrating icloud and the option to share songs

Apple could update iTunes integrating icloud and the option to share songs

is planning a next major update to , as published by Bloomberg. Among the strongest rumors, it is believed that may have greater integration with icloud, plus new music sharing options.

And is that iTunes is considered the gateway for millions of users of iPod, and iPhone, in a place that concentrates all kinds of products that fans of the brand needed to optimize their devices.

Among the most significant changes that could take the bite block has to do with improving and facilitating the way in which users share their music. For this, Apple has been negotiating with major record labels about rights and the way in which allow people to listen to a song you bought one of his friends, for example.

The solution to this would manage to do with social networking integration to iTunes, such as Twitter and Facebook, similar to what makes Spotify with the latest social network.

One use that iTunes has is the management of their devices, turning key to update and activate these devices, as well as to synchronize applications, videos, images and music libraries. This solution would facilitate this process by integrating its cloud service, icloud.

Among the options being considered is to create standalone applications, as it as it now finally with Podcast in IOS , which allows better organization of content users due to integration with and thereby access our content independent of device that we have saved or have.

On the other hand, some labels have been asking Apple to offer a subscription service like Spotify, where users pay a monthly fee and can have unlimited access to the songs they want. However, it is likely that the Cupertino succumb to such propositions.

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