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Posted by on Jul 27, 2012 in Companies, Software |

Apple disappoints in its participation at Black Hat

Apple disappoints in its participation at Black Hat

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made its first appearance in history in the conference, one of the most anticipated moments of the match, with what appeared to be an admission of the company that were not invulnerable . However, the presentation was a repeat of a paper on the safety of IOS introduced by Apple in May, almost no new information.

To make matters worse, Dallas De Atley, head up Apple platform, ignored the question and answer session and left the room just finished giving his speech.

The reactions were of disappointment. According to the New York Times , “the bored expressions showed that they had not revealed anything new. One audience member summed up the general reaction in Twitter: ‘It was very, very meh.’ “

In CNET, Elinor Mills reports that “Atley was in a hurry to leave and did not have the traditional question and answer session. I figured if I could speak a little to be opened, but said he had a commitment and his entourage quickly pulled him out the door. There was a universal feeling of deflation in the room and we all returned to our lives. “

Meanwhile, The Register quotes an assistant in Facebook stated “is one of the worst talks I’ve seen at Black Hat. Nothing new, no information and no questions. It was a sales presentation. Too bad for all other talks were canceled for this. “

Basically, De Atley talked about how Apple has worked to combine hardware and software to reduce the risks of a successful hack. To minimize attacks, eliminated all the “unnecessary software” of IOS, said De Atley, eliminating unnecessary tools and support for remote access. Also physically separated operating system user data, while all third-party applications are loaded into a container sandbox and can not directly access the operating system.

“Our attitude is: Safety is architecture. Must be built from the start, “said De Atley.

The fact that De Atley is present surprised, because Apple does not normally allow anyone to talk about anything in their culture highly secretive. However, if you would not have anything new, you wonder if it was worth going.

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