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Posted by on Jun 4, 2013 in Companies |

Apple expects to have 23,400 employees in 2016

Apple expects to have 23,400 employees in 2016

today released a report [ PDF ] of the economic impact of their current business and the construction of the “spaceship” to be its new campus on Cupertino. Similarly, states that the building is expected to be ready in 2016 , will have 4 floors, with a capacity for 12,000 employees. In addition to offices have an auditorium, gymnasium, parking and laboratories for research and development.

Apple says its number of employees has grown 18% annually over the past five years, and projected to grow by 10% each year until 2016, bringing the number of workers of the company would reach 23,400 this year. According to Apple, the 16,000 workers who are currently employed by the company in represent 40% of the labor force of the city.

The company also estimates the amount of taxes paid to the city (more than USD $ 11 million) and some other contributions, stating that finance USD $ 66 million for public improvements such as roads, landscaping and infrastructure improvements, $ 10 million for bicycle paths and paths for walking, USD $ 3.7 million in parking and $ 2.5 million in housing. Also spend USD $ 35 million in alternative transport.

Although the plan to build the campus seems very established, the city of Cupertino has not yet given its approval, so that this document seek to convince the undecided of how convenient it would be to have this building in the area.

Link: Apple releases economic impact report for new headquarters, Predicts 23,400 employees by 2016 (The Next Web)

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