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Apple first officially attend the conference Black Hat

Apple first officially attend the conference Black Hat

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The – which takes place 15 years ago in Las Vegas and other cities around the world bringing together a wide range of computer security experts – will for the first time with the participation of one of the largest technology companies in the market, Apple.

On Thursday Dallas De Atley, manager of Apple’s security team, will give a talk on security technologies IOS, the operating system that manages Cupertino iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, a significant milestone because in recent years Its products have left the image of being ” a test of hackers . “

While earlier research on safety of the Cupertino company have wandered through this conference and the like, this is the first time that developers will come up with the permission of the marketing department: “No one at speaks without marketing approval. Apple will be at the Black Hat 2012 and the marketing department will be on board, “said Trey Ford, CEO of Black Hat.

The first time Microsoft security researchers speaking at the conference was in 1998 and two years later gave a talk on Google’s security team. By joining, you are implicitly acknowledging that Apple needs a better way to interact with the hacker community to the growing popularity and more and more repeated attacks on their teams. A milestone considering that the company does not even attend the Macworld .

Link: Apple Warms Up to Hackers, Presentation at Black Hat Plans (Bloomberg)

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