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Posted by on Dec 7, 2012 in Companies, Software |

Apple hires hacker who worked on Windows security

Apple hires hacker who worked on Windows security

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hired a recognized expert who worked on this issue in a special team created by Microsoft for Windows. Paget Kristin joined the team to hack Vista, when the Redmond company and thought I was ready to go on sale.

His hiring reveals that Apple’s concern about security in its ecosystem. While Windows was the one that suffered the greatest number of attacks for years, considering that 90% of the world’s PCs using this operating system, things are changing and Mac OS X is gradually becoming a target of attacks.

The work done in Apple has not been revealed, something that is not new to Paget. When he worked at Microsoft, was forbidden to talk about their work for 5 years. When that period expired, gave a lecture at the Black Hat event in Las Vegas. His work with Windows Vista was so powerful that Microsoft had to delay the release date of the operating system to repair the that she had found. Not that that would save the fate of Vista, but at least laid the groundwork for creating a more secure Windows.

Five months ago, Apple changed its website, leaving Mac to assert that “no virus”, as I said before. The company seems to be aware of security issues, and it is good that you are taking action before it’s too late.

Link: Apple hires hacker who Helped save Windows security from hell (Wired)

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