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Posted by on Jun 15, 2012 in Gadgets |

Apple I and Jobs’ memo were auctioned at $400,000

Apple I and Jobs' memo were auctioned at $ 400,000

Two pieces of of the history of sold twice the estimated price at at Sotheby’s. This is one of the few motherboards that are the Apple I, originally sold in 1973 for USD $ 666.66, which was auctioned for $ 374,500 USD. It was initially expected to be sold at $ 180,000.

The other piece was a four-page memo written by Steve Jobs, who was sold at USD $ 27,500, almost double the expected USD415.000 get through the document.

The motherboard came with an original manual, a programming guide and a cassette interface. Only manufactured 200 of these computers, hand made by Steve Wozniak. According to Sotheby’s, which is sold is one of six that still work, of the 50 known to exist.

One that did not work is bandaged for about USD $ 200,000 in 2010, but after the death of Jobs, seem to have raised prices.

The memo was addressed to both supervisor Jobs at Atari, Stephen Bristow, and related to how to improve the game World Cup Football.

Link: Steve Jobs and Apple I motherboard memo sold for USD $ 400,000 at auction (TheVerge)

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