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Posted by on May 28, 2012 in Hardware |

Apple I auctioned a rare works

Apple I auctioned a rare works

house will sell the I, which still works, and could reach a price of $ 180,000. It also will release a memo sent by while working at Atari. These are two pieces that are part of Apple’s history, and surely many collectors will want to try to have.

The was hand made by and went on sale for the first time in July 1976 for $ 666.66 USD. There were about 200 units only. Of these, Sotheby’s says there are currently about 50 surviving, and of these only six are working.

The Apple I was sold as a circuit board armed with no power supply, keyboard, monitor or box. Ultimately came like this:

Apple I auctioned a rare works image 2

Buyers had to provide everything else, which made it appear particular models, such as wooden equipment in the main photo.

In addition to the motherboard, Sotheby’s sold a cassette interface (which is used at the time to store programs and data), and several manuals, including one of BASIC.

Atari’s memo, meanwhile, is written by hand by Steve Jobs and referred to improve the level of fun the game World Cup, an enhanced version of Pong. It also includes a circuit diagram penciled by Jobs. Sotheby’s expects to sell this document for between USD $ 10,000 and $ 15,000.

Link: Sotheby’s to auction rare working Apple-1 computer (ComputerWorld)

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