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Apple iMac would be making some in the United States. Requirement? Obama administration?

Apple iMac would be making some in the United States.  Requirement? Obama administration?

Phil Schiller is the question: did this in China or here at home? Photo: Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images / AFP

Several brand new users of the new ultra-thin computers found their bringing a particular detail in the seal of technical information that has in the back. Followed by the famous phrase “Designed by in California” appeared “Assembled in USA”, rather than China, as is many years with products from Cupertino.

Does this mean that Apple will begin to manufacture and assemble products in the United States again? Since 1992, when the resort opened in Elk Grove California, Apple took three years to convert the building belonging to a distribution center, in a manufacturing plant. From 1995 to 2004, Apple manufactured and assembled products seven days a week, employing more than 1,500 people.

In seeking to improve efficiency and profit margins, the then Senior Vice President of Worldwide Operations, Tim Cook announced that Elk Grove in 2004 and would join or not fabricate anything with an apple in its casing. The decision was one of the most successful in the history of the company, that slowly became the cutting edge of technology and at affordable prices, or at least competitive globally.

Returning to the present, a newspaper warned a few weeks ago about the possibility that Apple was manufacturing or assembling products in the U.S. again to note that up to September this year, the workforce for Elk Grove had grown almost 50%, although it is speculated that a company is hiring outsourced for this task.

In May this year, Tim Cook, now as CEO, said Elk Grove was not in production, but to talk about it said he hoped that someday Apple could assemble products in the United States.

In the United States, is considered an assembled product to anyone who, according to requirements of the Federal Trade Commission (FCC), containing components manufactured abroad but at the time of generate a substantial transformation in the final product.

Among the various speculations on these models assembled in USA, talked about the possibility that Apple was testing your doing quality control directly in the United States before making a mistake as the antenna of the iPhone 4 , released in 2010, which signal loss suffered smartphones to be taken by users.

Some analysts also speculate that the current state of the U.S. economy and the slowdown that currently exists in the domestic economy at the macro level because of the disappearance of factories in recent years, has generated some manufacturing requirements or percentages assembly for local businesses.

To try to regain ground lost by the lack of activity of local production and migration of large companies to China (HP, Dell, Apple, among the most popular), it would have required the companies to devote a portion of their products to local assembly, to which was once the prestigious label “Made in USA” is back in fashion.

Currently there is no way to know whether there are differences between an iMac model assembled in China and the United States nor its final sales destination, only the phrase is visible at rear. For now, these models will surely be part of any monitoring of the company to see if consumers keep their historical preferences when choosing between products made in Asia or in their own country.

Apple iMac would be making some in the United States.  Requirement? Obama administration? image 2

Capture the back of an iMac which notes the phrase “Assembled in USA” (c) techcrunch

Link: The New iMac: Designed By Apple in California, Assembled in USA (TechCrunch)

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