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Posted by on Sep 28, 2012 in Hardware News |

Apple is “borrowing” Texas Instruments engineers

Just a couple of days ago, Texas Instruments (TI) announced his retirement from the industry hardware platforms for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, focusing their efforts on the area of embedded systems. Following that, hardly knew the news was revealed that IT now abandoned OMAP5 chip development when they could not racing you saw the Apple A6 which currently plays the new iPhone 5.

But it seems that the surrender was complete, as well admit defeat, IT is losing several of their most experienced workers in the design of microprocessors, which are being raised precisely for Apple, a company that increasingly puts more efforts in enter the business of CPUs.

And the Apple microprocessor division has a separate building in Cupertino, so space for IT people there. Was it the best decision this IT? For consumers, it means one less competitor in the industry and the strengthening of another that is emerging.

Link: TI gets out of mobile chips, Apple designers recruits OMAP (Electronista)

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