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Posted by on Jul 11, 2013 in Structures |

Apple is building a new store in Madrid on XV century ruins

Apple is building a new store in Madrid on XV century ruins

Image via The Country.

Apple is building a new in the heart of Madrid, Spain, preparing a facility of 6,000 square meters in Puerta del Sol where officially sell iPads, Mac computers, iPods and all sorts of modern accessories century.

However, the most interesting thing is that this project strikes a very valuable historical past. Because it was discovered that the is being built on the of a built in the fifteenth century, precisely on Good Success hospital which was to side of Good Success Church, both demolished in 1854 to make room for the square that now takes its place.

These ruins were discovered in 2009 during construction of a subway station, after which they were properly preserved. In the case of the Apple Store, which will will not tear down the old foundations but still be built on them, being hidden under the new and modern structure.

Thus, opening of the exhibition will seamlessly without removing the historical foundations, but these will not be visible to the public and only interrupt the space you have the cellar of the store, leaving everything covered and protected for posterity.

Link: Apple Store is being built on top of 15th-century Spanish ruins (The Verge)

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