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Posted by on Oct 19, 2012 in Software |

Apple makes changes to Java for OS X

Apple makes changes to Java for OS X

has released an update for the operating system, which aims to remedy the constant security breaches involving the complement for web browsers, such as when the Trojan Flashback attacked users of products with the bitten apple behind.

The patch called Java for OS X 2012-006 is installed through system software updates on OS X, and it will do is completely uninstall the applet Java SE 6, the Apple program alone, to be replaced by a plugin version done by Oracle (1.6.0_37). The main advantage of this change is that when Oracle who takes charge of Java for OS X, will be more up to date with the latest fixes and updates, since historically to be Apple who managed this process, it was several weeks ago.

This move will require the user, after installing the Java package for OS X 2012-006 in OS X, Java run out until you browse a Web site that requires it, where you have to click on the link leading to the person to download Java directly from Oracle.

Link: OS X update Removes Java from Mac web browsers, Apple points users to Oracle instead (The Verge)

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