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Posted by on Jul 4, 2013 in Companies |

Apple may have trouble registering “iWatch” in China

In recent days, has been recording name around the globe: Japan , Mexico, Chile and Colombia are among some of the countries where the already has an owner. But in could be some complications, because existing records of the same name.

According to report from Sina Tech , the name “iWatch” already registered for some time in that country. And not for a company, but for nine, plus three of those records fall into the category of watches and computer accessories. Yes, it is indicated that the of “iWatch” is now obsolete, which would allow Apple to take over as long as the previous owners did not renew.

Moreover, there is also the registration of the name “iWatching” that belongs to a company that since Taiwan and also computer accessories, could also generate a potential problem to the apple in case you want to take over everything related to name.

In any case, it would not be the first time that Apple managers go through this kind of setbacks in the eastern country. Last year, a company sued the makers of the iPhone for the name “Snow Leopard” , and also had to pay 60 million dollars to recover the trademark “iPad” in China . I mean, you have some experience in these procedures.

Link: Rival iWatch patents in China Could derail Apple’s overall trademarking smartwatch blitz (The Next Web)

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