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Posted by on Jun 26, 2012 in Hardware, Software |

Apple no longer boast that no virus

Apple no longer boast that no virus

By now it should be clear that the Apple computers do not come virus is a fallacy . itself seems to be recognizing that the world of is complicated and not so easy to say that one has no virus, when a couple of months the Trojan Flashback caused concern among users.

In the section of the Mac from the official website , the company Apple removed the phrase that “not infected with computer virus”, replacing “is built to be safe.”

It also changed the phrase “protecting your data without doing anything” with “security. Integrated “. The second sentence does not say much but it sounds a bit more responsible than the first, urging users to “do nothing” for their safety.

According to Sophos, this is a sign that Apple is taking security a little more seriously. “I see the changes made by the marketing department as important baby steps. Hopefully more owners of Macs will also learn to take important safety steps, “said Graham Cluley of Sophos . You can see the “before and after” complete here .

Link: See how Apple has changed marketing message STIs (Naked Security)

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