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Posted by on Dec 28, 2012 in Science |

Apple patent application provides for a wind turbine

Apple patent application provides for a wind turbine

While the first one would not expect to file applications for patents outside the area of computing, the company has a history anyway regarding patents outside their area, such as glass staircase Steve Jobs or plastic pedestals to show their devices .

This Thursday, the Patent and Trademark Office of the United States revealed that the Cupertino company applied for a patent in June 2011 called “Electricity generation on-demand through wind energy saved,” and that would be a way to improve main problems of current wind because of the nature ‘almost’ unpredictable air currents.

Apple’s idea is a system that converts the rotational energy generated by the blades into heat, which is then stored in a fluid of low heat capacity (such as mercury or ethanol). The heat can then be transferred to another fluid such as water to run a generator when there is little wind.

According to the application, Apple claims that its system would reduce costs associated with natural variations in the wind, and could even deal as a replacement for current energy storage systems such as batteries.

Now this does not mean that we iMolinos-of-wind-wind iTurbinas because most likely be the way to invest in unconventional renewable energy for use in their data centers.

Link: Apple’s wind turbine technology uses heat, not rotational energy to generate electricity (Apple Insider)

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