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Posted by on Jul 8, 2013 in Hardware News |

Apple patent request a flexible batteries

Apple patent request a flexible batteries

Apple’s future devices could be according to its latest application with the Patent and Trademark Office of the United States.

The manufacture of this flexible could take the form of an iWatch , rumored since a long time ago.

The patent was filed in December 2011 and published just yesterday. In the patent document is a flexible battery that uses a number of different cells connected through a laminate layer designed to allow the battery to match the shape of an electronic device.

Many electronic devices have unique form factors. Due to this, a rigid battery may not fit within an electronic device that has a particular shape.

Conventional batteries are often too rigid to adapt flexibly to these form factors. For example, the batteries in cell lithium ion polymer are too rigid, bend repeatedly can damage the battery cells.

patent goes a step further, suggesting that the flexible battery could replace some of their cells with thermoelectric coolers, flashes, or a camera. According to the company, the flexible battery could be used in many electronic devices such as watches, tablets, laptops and others.

Link: Apple’s patent application hints at Flexible batteries (


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