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Posted by on Jul 6, 2012 in Gadgets |

Apple patent request for something like Google Glass

Apple patent request for something like Google Glass

Glass is still a prototype, but companies are already preparing to give the competition. Recently we discussed the new glasses proposed by Olympus , and now appeared in the patent office of the United States a similar device, but Apple.

The document describes a that is worn on the head and projects an image in front of the user’s eye, creating an “enhanced viewing experience.” The patent indicates that the device could use augmented reality, through a superimposed image to the real world.

It sounds very, very similar to Google’s project, demonstrated high paraphernalia during Google I / O . Glass Google would use to provide useful information to the user, while still allowing normal vision. It is expected that the device goes on sale to consumers in 2014, but if is seeking to enter the game, this can put some more pressure to advance the launch.

According to the patent of the company on the block, the device will have a second screen, a processor, memory and a user interface. It also adds that could be used for medical, military, police, or to watch movies.

Link: Watch out Google: Apple gets patent for wearable device (Computerworld)

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