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Posted by on Jun 8, 2012 in Companies |

Apple patented lines of the MacBook Air: Ultrabooks tremble

Apple patented lines of the MacBook Air: Ultrabooks tremble

A strange granted to is relative to your product design Air, in a legal move that could jeopardize the future of laptops Intel Ultrabook.

Because in the United States gave the green light for the company to protect intellectual patent D661, 296 , which is beyond the common licenses to be very unspecific, ie it covers too broad aspects in the architecture of the computer instead of refer to specific features to protect legally.

How do you define what is now registered to Apple? Through drawings, almost nothing but great lines with no text to define the exact parameters. Worse, some items of equipment are drawn up with jerky strokes, representing parts of the device that are universal, such as rubber mounts that support the notebook on the table or the display hinge. It turns out that if a manufacturer violates the design of straight lines, also come into account these pieces of skipped lines:

Apple patented lines of the MacBook Air: Ultrabooks tremble image 2

For example, if someone makes an ultra-slim notebook whose general form is assimilated to the one drawn with straight lines, regardless of how you put your rubber feet and display hinge, infringe the patent from Apple. However, if you create a design that does not conflict with the terms of the continuous lines, nor enter into force on other protected elements.

With this the company has bitten apple new toy to sue other companies, will now have to design their laptops escaping the dreaded “solid lines” of Apple, which are very specific and lend themselves to that at any time demands have “simply because the shape resembles.”

Link: Ultrabooks beware: Receives broad patent on Apple MacBook Air wedge design (The Verge)

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