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Posted by on Jul 16, 2013 in Gadgets |

Apple prepares a television service without advertising [Futurology]

Apple prepares a television service without advertising [Futurology]

(Cc) jonlclark (Flickr)

The topic of and the is so old that the new rumors often go unnoticed, but this is something interesting. According to a report by Jessica Lessin, who was many years a reporter for the Wall Street Journal revealed that Apple would implement the option to avoid advertisements on your television service, same could apply to or Apple TV.

Users could avoid annoying commercial without companies were affected, thanks to a premium subscription. Apparently Apple has long been in talks with cable companies and distributors to jump-start your television service, however when nothing is closed and the company has remained tight, as with other potential products or services found cooking.

One option that avoids commercial premium surprises no one. Come on, almost all the music streaming services offer subscriptions to brincarnos advertising and access to better services, however in the world of TV things change.

Lessin says something important and that profits for big TV companies come from the sale of advertising space, so Apple’s proposal is risky. To reach a favorable agreement, the Cupertino company could implement the service in the or the rumored smart TV .

Rumors are, rumors come. Be assured that here at AppleWayer will discuss what happens to this service.

Link: Exclusive: Apple Pitches Ad-Skipping for New TV Service (Jessica Lessin)

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