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Posted by on Aug 22, 2012 in Companies |

Apple pulls ‘Genius’ TV Ads from YouTube and Apple

Remember the new Apple commercial where a “genius” helped several clients clueless ? The generated some level of controversy because many fans of the brand were considered “insulted” by the content of the piece, which made them seem very clever.

Apparently the criticism affected Apple, which eliminated commercials and marketing the Mac page on

The company stopped issuing them on television within days of its release during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, when the company responsible for the advertising said “were intended only for the first stage during the Olympics “. The videos were maintained for several weeks on YouTube and on the Apple site, until the last few days were completely eliminated.

While Apple typically removes old advertising your YouTube channel, still has ads that date from November 2010 , so that it becomes more suspicious disappearance. As internet is internet, notices can be found on YouTube anyway replicated by other users.

Link: Apple pulls ‘Genius’ TV Ads from YouTube and Apple (Macrumors)

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