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Posted by on Oct 25, 2012 in Companies, Economy |

Apple reported sales of $36,000 million during the last three months

Apple reported sales of $ 36,000 million during the last three months

has just shown its latest for the fourth quarter fiscal 2012, which for them, means the three past few months of 2012. And as always, your numbers are impressive, starting with a total of $36,000 million, counting everything that comes after the marketing of devices and associated services.

This meant a net gain of $8,200 million, representing a significant growth over the same period last year, when they scored USD $6,620 million pure input into the coffers of the company. Despite this, the Results fell short of analysts of the stock market, who saw the glass half empty to indicate that earnings for the last fiscal quarter were lower than in the third, when they got USD $8,800 million, down $ 600 million .

But back to the last three months, to reach these figures were sold 26.9 million iPhones, 14 million iPad tablets and 5 million Macs, exceeding the three cases seen for twelve months ago. The black sheep of the family is the number of iPod media players, which sold 5.3 million units in Apple being the only thing that fell by the year 2011, namely 19%.

Now, if you sold USD $36,000 million during the last three months, what’s next for the near future? After the holidays, the company expects to report revenues of no less than USD $52,000 million during October, November and December, driven by a complete and updated line of products which include the new iPad, the iPad Mini, the MacBook Pro Retina Display and The ultra-thin iMac, along with new iPod Touch, Nano, and Mac Mini.

Link: Apple Q4 2012 earnings: $36 billion in revenue, $ 8.2 billion net profit (Engadget)

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