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Posted by on Jun 7, 2013 in Software |

Apple settles with Sony to have their catalog in iRadio

Apple settles with Sony to have their catalog in iRadio

Sony Music and Apple reached an agreement for the catalog of the music of the Japanese subsidiary is available in the new service “iRadio” , which could be released during the next week at WWDC .

With this has agreements with three major record labels in the music industry, Universal and Music being the other two, for the radio service which would come to compete with systems such as Pandora , radial streaming free, customizable, and Spotify , where all format is under “On-Demand”.

Apple has spent months trying to launch “iRadio” stumbling block being the payments to stamps, specifically demanded that each song played in the service should be paid, even though users may skip or do not finish listening to the song.

Some sources say that Apple would not launch this service at WWDC, but with the agreement this week and with the event just around the corner, why not?

Link: Apple Signs Sony Up for iRadio, Now Has All Three Major Music Labels on Board (AllThingsD)

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