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Posted by on Aug 6, 2012 in Internet |

Apple Support icloud provides access to a journalist to a hacker

Apple Support icloud provides access to a journalist to a hacker

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Mat Honan is a reporter for Wired magazine, which on Friday suffered its hackero account. As a result, your iPhone, iPhone and MacBook Air lost all their files with the remote control so he got the hacker.

Through icloud, the attacker gained access to Gmail and then to the Gizmodo Twitter account, where he worked anteriorimente Honan. While Honan thought someone had obtained the password through traditional methods like brute force, then was able to confirm that Apple support someone who handed over control of the account to the hacker.

“At 4:50 pm, someone entered my icloud account changed the password and sent the confirmation email about the password change away. My password was 7-digit alphanumeric not used anywhere else, ” she said Honan on her blog . 10 minutes later, the iPhone had been formatted remotely, then the iPad and then the MacBook Air.

“Some minutes after that, they took over my Twitter account. Since long ago, my account was linked to Gizmodo, they could gain access to that too, “he said.

After talking to Apple, Honan discovered how they got access to your account. “It was not related to the password. They did it through the Apple support and a smart social engineering that allowed them to go through the questions, “said the reporter.

The hacker, after convincing Apple that was Mat Honan, managed to change the key and got full access. To delete Data from devices only need to use Find My iPhone, a service that allows you to format remote security in case of theft.

The case may be more noticeable because Honan is a relatively well-known journalist in the U.S., however, put back on the table the issue of security in the cloud. How much can we rely on the services that we synchronize everything online? What security measures should be implemented to prevent a case like this?

Link: Emptyage (Mat Honan)

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