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Posted by on Sep 6, 2012 in Gadgets |

Apple will not release a new Apple TV this year 2012

Apple will not release a new Apple TV this year 2012

While Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, has said that the TV is a product ” of great interest “to them, the company is struggling to innovate in this area and provide consumers with the device that they want to deliver. Because it is known that the intention of the company is to establish this little box as the set-top box that handles cable TV and digital media, for which they must reach an agreement with TV operators, producers and media companies .

But as reported, Apple is finding it difficult to negotiate with those who will be their partners if they want to enter the television business, which are large number of participants, as the idea of the company is to offer a considerable number services within the small box with the bitten apple also selling it at a price that today barely reaches $99.

This results in that we will not see a new in 2012, so that the product will be completely ignored by Apple remainder of this year, as they solve problems and clarify their negotiations for the next update is a big one, as desired company.

Link: No new Apple TV This year, report says (CNET)

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