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Apple won USD $ 8,800 million last quarter

Apple won USD $ 8,800 million last quarter

(Cc) Jorge Quinteros

reported its financial Results for the quarter April-June 2012, reporting of USD $8,800 million. The result is much better than the USD $7,300 million reported by the company in the same period last year, however, was slightly below the estimates made by analysts.

Apple said that international sales accounted for 62% of revenues in the quarter, though figures were observed in Europe “flat”, reflecting a slowdown in business before the economic crisis.

The company sold during the three months:

  • 26 million iPhones (28% over the same period last year)
  • Cases 17 million (84% more)
  • 4 million Macs (2% more)
  • 6.8 million iPods (10% off)

“We are thrilled with record sales of 17 million iPads in the June quarter. We’ve also updated the entire MacBook line, Mountain Lion will launch tomorrow and we will be launching iOS 6 this autumn (Northern Hemisphere). We are also waiting for the great new products we have prepared, “said Tim Cook in the press release.

With the appointment is confirmed the release tomorrow of the new Apple operating system . One might also suspect alleged new products like the 5 or Mini, but so far no confirmation for these products. In fact, during the results conference call, Cook said “we are reading the same rumors and speculation than you.”

The most powerful figure refers to the sale of Cases, which reached a quarterly record in the delivery of results. Apple said in the conference call that the device is available in 97 countries, generating U.S. $9,200 million in revenue (about 26% of company revenues. Most of the gains come from the iPhone, representing 46%) .

The company re-establish the payment of a dividend to shareholders, which will be USD $2.65 per share, payable on 16 August.

Other figures:

  • In these three months were sold over 45 million IOS devices, which generate 77% of company revenues.
  • There App Stores operating in 155 countries
  • The ecosystem has 650,000 applications, 225,000 of them are for iPad
  • Apple has paid more than USD $5,500 million to developers
  • 150 million people use icloud
  • There are 367 Apple Stores in operation, receiving 83 million customers during the quarter

Link: Apple reports third quarter results (Apple)

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