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Posted by on May 31, 2012 in Software |

Apple would have bought the Italian startup Redmatica

Apple would have bought the Italian startup Redmatica

According to records found an website, it is possible that has purchased Redmatica, a that makes Italian professional applications audio editing on computers just to run Mac .

The document found discussing the legality of the about laws that deal with regulating competition in the market, where it is also possible to read “under the provisions of the contract [...] with this operation, Apple intends to acquire the business through a transfer of assets. “

This small company recorded revenues do not reach the 100 M € per year, with profits of 26 M €. But the Cupertino not seem to have imported this detail and interested in the professional editing software audio OS X that develops Redmatica continued with the business.

Moreover, this acquisition makes sense because Apple would easily talent of its developers to and Logic Pro, their own audio applications.

For now, the apple has not been concerned about this alleged purchase. However, as often happens in such cases, certain effects will begin to see in the medium to long term future versions of or Garageband.

Link: That’s Amore: Italian Music You Bought Apple Redmatica Editing Startup? (TechCrunch)

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